These Hilarious Vet Office Signs Will Make All Animal Lovers LOL

"Now accepting male clients wearing rompers."

Try not to get this remix stuck in your head today.

Here are 50 things your veterinarian won’t tell you.

Katy would be proud.

Well, they have a good point.

Dogs are definitely cooler than humans. Here are 11 superpowers dogs have that we don’t.

We heard rompers are in, anyway.

These ridiculous office rules will make these vet signs seem even more outrageous.

Those are some really smart cats, then.

Stop everything and look at these ADORABLE curly-haired kittens!

Catnip is serious business.

We bet you didn’t know these 17 things about your cat (did you know they can sense earthquakes?).

We’ll see what our pets have to say about that.

Well, maybe they will if their vet is anything like this real-life Dr. Dolittle.

OK, can’t argue with that one.

Regardless of how grumpy they may be, there are actually some ways to tell how your cat is feeling.

Definitely a dad joke…

Better wear your rain boots with so many poodles around…

Fleas Navidad? No thank you.

If you like these funny signs, you NEED to check out these hysterical and surprisingly real town names.

Maybe they should spell check this one…

Let’s hear it for mutts!

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