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    100 Things Turning 100 in 2022

    It’s a big deal to celebrate such a big number, and we should know, because Reader’s Digest is turning 100...

    The Fascinating History Behind These 24 Christmas Symbols

    How did decorated trees, cut-out cookies, and stockings by the fireplace come to symbolize Christmas?

    This Is the Word of the Year for 2021

    This year's winner is a centuries-old throwback.

    13 Sweet Vintage Letters to Santa—from Almost 100 Years Ago

    Sweet, vintage letters to Santa from Texas farm kids recall a simpler, more generous time.

    8 Things You Need to Know About the Omicron Variant

    With new information about Omicron emerging every day, scientists are understanding more about how the new Covid-19 variant spreads—and what...

    19 Christmas Brain Teasers You Will Love Unwrapping

    Take a break from holiday shopping and decorating to solve these tricky brain teasers.

    What Are the Seven Principles of Kwanzaa?

    Family. Community. Purpose. There is plenty of meaning and symbolism behind the Pan-African holiday of Kwanzaa.

    Do You Know How Much to Tip? Test Your Tipping Etiquette

    See if you can answer these tricky questions on tipping and find out if you've been giving the right amount...

    125 Christmas Movie Trivia Questions (with Answers) to Test Your Festive Film IQ

    Think you know your holiday films? Test your knowledge with these Christmas movie trivia questions—they're not as easy as you...

    What Is Christmas and Why Do We Celebrate It?

    Christmas is America's #1 favorite holiday—9 in 10 of us celebrate it. Here's how Christmas started and why we have...

    103 Christmas Riddles for Guaranteed Holiday Cheer

    Test your knowledge of Noel—the fun way—with these Christmas riddles.

    13 Craziest Things Garbage Collectors Have Found in the Trash

    As the saying goes, "One man's trash is another man's treasure." Check to see which insane garbage can finds make...

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    32 Things You Probably Never Thought About—Until Just Now

    Curious minds may not have pondered all of these little mysteries, but they'll certainly be dying to learn about them...

    Here’s How Much to Tip Hotel Housekeeping

    Etiquette experts reveal tipping advice for hotel stays, including when, how, and how much to tip housekeeping.

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    Here’s How Much to Tip Your Hairdresser

    Have a hair appointment coming up? Find out how much to tip your hairdresser and the assistant stylists—and how much...

    20 Best Books by Native American Authors to Read Right Now

    This diverse array of compelling reads will stick with you long after you've put the books back on your shelf.

    Word Power Vocabulary Quiz: Book-Related Words

    Match the word to its correct definition to test your Word Power.

    Word Power Vocabulary Quiz: Hidden Critters

    Match the word to its correct definition to test your Word Power.

    The New Tipping Etiquette: How Much to Tip in Every Situation, from Salons to Restaurants to Drivers...

    The pandemic changed tipping etiquette. Here's what you need to know about when, what, and how to tip now.

    The 40 Best LGBTQ+ Books to Read Right Now

    From recent releases to classic works, these are the LGBTQ books you should add to your bookshelf ASAP.

    50 Thanksgiving Riddles the Whole Family Will Love

    Kids and adults alike will gobble these Thanksgiving riddles right up!

    Thanksgiving Turkey Wishbone: Why We Break It and How to Find It

    Here's what to know about the timeless Thanksgiving tradition of breaking the turkey wishbone—and how to win this turkey face-off.

    The Real History of Thanksgiving

    The history of Thanksgiving isn't the rosy story from your childhood. Here's what really happened and the truth about some...

    Everything to Know About the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade 2022

    The annual event marks the Thanksgiving holiday and kicks off the Christmas season. Here's when and how to watch it.

    34 Best Pieces of Thanksgiving Trivia to Wow Your Dinner Guests

    You may know Thanksgiving as a day off from work filled with good food, football, and loved ones—but there is...

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    125 Interesting Facts About Practically Everything

    These random fun facts will entertain, enlighten, and totally blow your mind.

    This Is What Those Numbers on Your Glasses Mean

    The numbers on your eyewear are more important than you think.