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There’s no place like home—especially when it’s in tip-top shape. We’ve rounded up the best cleaning and organizing tricks, affordable decor ideas, DIY hacks, and more. Warning: Once you’ve got everything just the way you want it, you may never want to leave!

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10 Secrets to Colorful Container Gardens

These flowers will add color to your life.

5 Natural Ways to Keep Bugs Away

You and your home will stay bug free with these tips.

7 Tips for Hosting a Low-Budget BBQ

Nothing says summer like a good old-fashioned barbecue.

How to Pair Cheese Like an Expert

Here are some ways to pair cheese with a variety of delicious ingredients.

Maximize the Natural Light in Your Home

There are many benefits to bringing more natural light into your space. Here are a few ways to increase and...

How to Make a Mini Rain Barrel

Save water--and money--by watering your garden Mother Nature’s way. All you need is an old water jug or detergent dispenser,...

The Nature of Rock Garden Design

Trying to dig up a new garden design idea? Try a rock garden. They're the right scale for small settings,...

4 Weekend Garden Projects Anyone Can Do

A personal garden is just a weekend away!

Build Your Own Backyard Hanging Garden

Build your own garden of hanging potted plants.

5 Reasons to Try a Cast Iron Skillet

5 Reasons to Try a Cast Iron Skillet

Allergy-Proof Your Home

You'll never be bothered inside by pesky allergies again.

How to Grow Great Vegetables

Whether you’re planting in pots or a large backyard patch, here are a few tips to green your thumb.

How to Make Infused Vodka

Do you enjoy cocktails made with flavored vodka? Why not make your own? Here are 5 pretty easy steps to...

How to Wash Your Towels to Keep Them Clean and Fluffy

These easy laundry tips will ensure that your towels look and feel brand new—and are truly clean.

What Is HE Laundry Detergent—And Why You Might Need It

If you’re not using HE detergent, you might be making a big mistake. Here's what laundry experts advise.

How to Wash Microfiber Cloths to Preserve Their Cleaning Power

Microfiber cloths do the cleaning for you, but have you ever thought about how they should be cleaned?

The Easiest Way to Fold a Fitted Sheet

It seems like no one really knows how to fold a fitted sheet, so we asked some experts who do.

How to Fix a Clothes Dryer That Isn’t Drying

Is your dryer not drying your clothes all of a sudden? Take these steps to find the problem and fix...